HackerTeen has created two lectures for high schools
For young people: "Hacker Ethics"

Who was Socrates in the film The Matrix? Has anyone already read a book called The Republic? Who was Glauco in the film The Matrix? How does Neo stop the agents' bullets? What was the Matrix? What does this have to do with our daily lives in front of the computer and with hacker ethics? Where does the word Hacker come from? Why are hackers confused with criminals? How much do companies like Google and Microsoft pay ethical hacker? What do you have to study to be an ace at computing?

Note: you must watch the film The Matrix before watching this lecture.

Parents: "Is your child constantly glued to the computer?"

Today most young people spend an inordinate amount of time in front of the computer. Studying? Certainly not. They are surfing the Internet, chatting on MSN, updating their MySpace page or playing games. Using a computer is not synonymous with studying, education or a promising future.

The computer game industry is not concerned with the education of young people. They've got their eye on their profit margins. But what measures should parents take since the computer is now an essential tool for the workplace?

What should my child be learning in front of a computer? The onus of educating children in computing at home rests upon parents, but many have never received education in this technology.


High schools should express their interest in the lecture by filling in the form.

  • The lectures are free (travel and lodging are not included for other cities) and will be scheduled according to the availability of the HackerTeen team.
  • HackerTeen is also preparing to offer educational content for regular high schools classes.



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