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Bruno GolaBruno Gola, 18 years old: "HackerTeen made me focus more on my professional life, think about my future career and my own future. It helped me to get a better job and to better organize my résumé. All this in addition to the course's technical content, the entrepreneurship, the ethics that I learned and the lectures that I attended.
The course brought the open source software community to my attention, and taught me that it never hurts to help, just the opposite, it's always a good thing. Lastly, HackerTeen increased my circle of friends and contacts which, in my opinion, is worth a lot!"


Leandro MoraniLeandro Morani, 18 anos: “I had gotten a post as a trainee with Furnas in the development area but, since I was going to start with HackerTeen, I was transferred to the computer security team. I had not even begun HackerTeen, and my career was already taking new turns”. Read Leandro's complete statement.


Douglas Teixeira, 20 years old: “When I was a white belt, during the first phase of the course, the unexpected happened: I received a phone call from a company inviting me to come in for a job interview”. Read Douglas' complete statment.


Weder Feliciano do PradoWeder Feliciano do Prado, 18 years old: “I had received several "no" answers from job interviews and I realized that the problem was not because of a lack of jobs, but in the qualifications of the young people. For this reason, HackerTeen training is super important for getting into the job market”. Read Weder's entire statement.


Leandro Viégas BuenoLeandro Viégas Bueno, 17 years old: “I had the opportunity to learn directly from the HackerTeen team because I was offered a position as a trainee in systems analysis/support with CONIP. HackerTeen believed in my potential and the professionals there were always available for any type of question”. Read Leandro's complete statement.


Juliana Guimarães Magalhães Juliana Guimarães Magalhães, 17 years old: “My supervisor trusted my ability and decided to give me the opportunity to go to HackerTeen. I believe that he chose HackerTeen precisely because HackerTeen has a program tailor made for young people who like information science and who want to learn more.

HackerTeen was outstanding, not just because it taught the technical side, but because it taught other courses such as entrepreneurship and ethics, which are very important to our daily lives. I know that I can grow with HackerTeen. I have been given a great opportunity, and I am not going to waste it”.


Lucas TeskeLucas Teske, de 14 years old: He came up with a project idea to present at the black belt level. The main objective was to create cheaper notebook which would give the client greater autonomy.


Caio CândidoCaio Cândido, 18 years old: "Every day I learn more, I have become more responsible, more dedicated and I am full of plans for the future. HackerTeen has been good for my personal and professional life". Read Caio's complete statement.




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