Some parents tell us what they think of HackerTeen
Great Progress

The first time I saw a website about the HackerTeen course, I did not realize how much it would change my daughter's life. We filled out the form and were later called for an interview. My daughter was nervous.
They told us about the course's objectives. I thought the idea was great, and my daughter was even more excited. What stuck in my mind? It is by overcoming failures that one achieves great success.
The classes started and my daughter didn't do too well in the first and second levels, mainly because she is shy and was scared.
When she had to redo the green belt level (third level), it was like the end of the world. She was really upset, but, that is when things really started to improve, with support from the teachers who had always treated her very well. She also received support from the HackerTeen psychologist and from her parents. She became more self-confident.
On the day of the green belt exam, she was well prepared and got one of the best grades in the class. Her achievement was due to all the work HackerTeen put into preparing the student for success in the job market.
I could go on and say more about the program, but I leave you with my testimonial as proof that the course is really valuable and excellent.
My daughter has been interviewed by magazines, newspapers and on TV shows.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire HackerTeen team for their excellent work and for their outstanding teaching method that really helped my daughter. I know she will use all she has learned for the rest of her life.
José Alberto Rodrigues, father of Rebecca (student in the HT05 class)

Educational Plan

My son discovered the course and made me sign him up. A few days later, at a party, a businessman mentioned that the project was very interesting. When my son was accepted, I was thrilled with the wide-ranging educational plan. Since I am a psychologist, who works with education, I was impressed with the way they combined technical education with issues such as ethics and entrepreneurship. They are also concerned with monitoring school work and time management, issues that drive parents crazy and that are of great importance for those responsible for the training and education of highly talented teenagers in this new technology age.
Fátima Aparecida Alexandrowitsch mother of Mauro (student in the HT06 class)

Thinking of the Future

First of all, I want to talk about the high-quality knowledge, information and technology that my son is being exposed to through this course. This is very good for his future.
Today, he knows how to work with computers, he does a little of everything, such as maintenance and installation of programs. Signing up my son was the best thing I ever did, not only for what he has learned about computers, but also because of what he has learned about ethics and entrepreneurship. He also became more interested in his studies, in learning English and is now considering going to college to study IT, something he did not think of doing before.
Since he started studying with HackerTeen, my son has changed the way he sees his future and he wants to grow by learning more. He is thinking a lot more about the future. For these reasons, I want to thank the HackerTeen team.
Carlos Roberto da Luz, father of Rodrigo (student in the HT05 class)



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