Young ethical hackers are invading the market...
and we're to blame!

HackerTeen's goal is to teach technology in a new, fun way. The curriculum includes courses on ethics, technique, theory and practice. The tools young people need to become successful Information Technology professionals.

If the student is interested, HackerTeen can provide assistance in obtaining his or her first job in Information Technology. We have the support of companies who are very interested in interviewing HackerTeen graduates to meet their hiring needs.

The HackerTeen team helps students create a résumé and prepares them for interviews and role playing, as well as mapping out their Behavioral Tendencies and sending letters of recommendation to interested companies. HackerTeen also monitors the progress of students during the job selection process.

Here are a few of the companies that recruit from HackerTeen:



EverSystems is a successful Brazilian multinational company that provides professional IT solutions and services in Brazil, the United States, Latin America and Africa. This company has recruited HackerTeen students to participate in interviews for internships, providing support for students in pursuit of their first job.
The students selected enhance their skills and are pleased with the opportunity of working for a renowned company such as EverSystems.
EverSystems believes the content of the technical and ethical classes provides HackerTeen students with an advantage when it comes to working in the field. The psychological profile prepared by the HackerTeen psychologist using the Quantum Method assists the HR department in the pre-selection of candidates, making it easier to match them with requirements of the position and company policies.

Foco Security

Laboratório Fleury




Note: The HackerTeen project aims to serve young people throughout the world. It is available in Portuguese (in Brazil) and the English and Spanish language versions are currently in the implementation phase.



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