HackerTeen is expanding and seeks for international partners.

"Programs such as HackerTeen are important because they show computer science students the right and ethical way to start their careers." Jon 'maddog' Hall, President of Linux International.

"The project is innovative and the only one of its kind in the world and contains the ingredients necessary to be an economically viable project and a tremendous success worldwide." Kerry Herman, Senior Harvard Researcher.

HackerTeen is one of the best franchise business opportunities around. Currently, young people spend their time glued to computer screens and our project channels this energy into learning technologies of the future, in an innovative and fun way. Franchises will be made available in this first phase for the United States, Germany and Japan. HackerTeen's infrastructure, innovative distance teaching methodology and content especially created for young people are already being used with much success throughout the Portuguese speaking world. Franchise candidates will be responsible for marketing, sales and operations in their territory.

A successful franchise candidate will need:

  1. Proven experience with brand and business development
  2. Full-time commitment to development of franchise in territory
  3. Sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA), study local market conditions and create a local market business plan to guide the franchise. A business plan must be presented at the facilities of interested parties.

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The success of the HackerTeen project is derived from exclusive subject matter that addresses computer network security, hacker ethics and entrepreneurship on the Internet. It combines a distance learning methodology with language young people understand like manga comics and online RPGs. After two years of operation (in Portuguese), the project has attracted the attention of young people the world over. To meet this demand, we are looking for international partners to establish HackerTeen project franchises. This business model, in addition to being sustainable, continues to grow in terms of students with each new semester.

HackerTeen was one of the finalists for the ICT for the Empowerment of Youth 2006 award, sponsored by the Development Gateway Foundation. In Brazil, the project has received media attention from television, magazines, print newspapers and highly visited websites.

If you're an entrepreneur and interested in HackerTeen, please send your proposal to:

HackerTeen in the media (in portuguese only)


  • SBT - second largest television station in Brazil (report broadcasted on prime time newscast): Hackers and Crackers
  • RedeTV! - Olhar Digital, a program on digital technology (prime time report): Escola de Hackers' video


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