“HackerTeen has what it takes to be a worldwide success!”

Harvard Business School took time to visit HackerTeen and 4Linux

Kerry Herman, a Harvard Business School researcher, came recently to Brazil to study the progress of open-source software, and especially HackerTeen.

The aim of the study is to determine how free software and Linux can facilitate digital inclusion and whether countries can derive some benefit from free software to stimulate entrepreneurship. The study, supervised by Professor Josh Lerner, will be finished in July.

The HackerTeen project attracted the attention of Kerry Herman and 4Linux and HackerTeen Education received the Harvard Business School representative on April 11, 2005. According to the researcher, the project is innovative and the only one of its kind in the world and contains the ingredients necessary to be an economically viable project and a tremendous success worldwide..

“HackerTeen is an important innovative project that channels the energies of intelligent young people into education in the area of computer security,” says Marcelo Marques, project creator.



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