Become a HackerTeen!

Do you like computers, the internet and computer games? Then your place is with HackerTeen!

HackerTeen is a project which teaches technology in a fun and innovative way, and which empowers young people through its classes on computer security. To balance things out, we also teach hacker ethics and internet entrepreneurship.

Currently, professionals with a working knowledge of the internet, computer security, and programming techniques are highly prized in companies. Being a hacker, on the side of good, can guarantee one a good job.

At HackerTeen, everything is different and challenging. To begin classes, for example, the student has to discover his or her own password.

The animation at the beginning of the page is an example of material from the classroom-based HackerTeen class. In this game, a project was stolen and the young people act out the roles of different characters to discover the project's whereabouts, who the intruder is, and recover it.

There is only one problem: in six hours a bomb is going to explode in the room unless they meet all of the challenges. This is the HackerTeen environment-everything is very exciting and done in front of the computer.

HackerTeen teaches Linux with a focus on servers because that is where the highest salaries are (they are not with desktops, where the end users are). In addition, there is another great reason for learning Linux-it is an operational system created by hackers.

You will understand how Linux works, starting with the basics and advancing until you become an expert

Note: HackerTeen is working to reach out to young people around the world. Currently, the program is available only in Portuguese (In Brazil), but English and Spanish versions are being developed. We have published one of our stories in english.



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