Ethical hackers tell us what they think of HackerTeen.

KovComputers are no longer those weird machines that most of us have only heard of but know very little about. Today, everyone talks about them, and many people deal with them on a daily basis.

The term hacker has become widely known, but the original meaning has been distorted. In the same manner, terms such as GNU, Linux and Free Software are invading our lives and are usually understood to be new technologies.

Being a Hacker is a question of attitude, a way of seeing the world and its problems. Ethical hackers are people who have fun solving the most diverse and interesting problems in our world. For hackers, nothing is impossible: it is just a matter of approaching a problem from the right angle.

Good hackers are hands-on philosophers: they think about what they do; they understand that their work and their choices affect the world they live in. Good hackers always try to fully understand what they do in order to improve and create solutions that are increasingly less obvious. They value competence and freedom; they despise authoritarianism and authority that is not based on competency.

I see many people becoming interested in this increasingly popular new world. It is very important that these people understand the ethics, principles and ideals behind all the technology of the hacker world. The hacker culture is very rich and it is great to see that it is being promoted by projects such as HackerTeen.




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