HackerTeen has structured a modern teaching method to be as fun as it is challenging.

HackerTeen, thanks to its innovative methods, is considered a “unique” educational project by the Harvard Business School School of Business.

The project's methodology has brought together very useful ingredients for young people who are crazy about computers, including challenges, games, RPG, Linux and comics:

  • 100% distance course. Not offline. 100% online!
  • HackerTeen is divided into 6 belt levels (white, yellow, green, blue, brown and black) and each one lasts four months.
  • Computer network and computer security instruction utilizing Linux - the fastest-growing operational system in the world
  • Instruction on entrepreneurship on the internet
  • Instruction on programming languages
  • Classes on hacker ethics
  • Comics
  • Strategy games utilizing RPG (Role Playing Games)
  • Paulo Freire's educational method
  • Psychological accompaniment
  • Preparation of the youth for his or her first job in the area of Information Technology (IT)

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