HackerTeen's First Graduating Class

Read student testimonials on the graduation ceremony and conclusion of the first HackerTeen course.

HackerTeen's first graduating class That was a special night for nine young people. And why? Because they were HackerTeen's first graduating class. They had dedicated more than 18 months and 700 hours to their studies.

To celebrate the occasion, on the 22nd of May, there was a graduation ceremony which brought together young people, families, friends and important personalities from the Linux community such as Jon "Maddog" Hall, considered Linux's ambassador to the world. Sergio Amadeu was also in attendance. A sociologist, free software advocate in Brazil and the ex-president of the Institute of Information Technology, he is also a member of the HackerTeen team.

Read the Statements made by Graduates:

“We went out in grand style. There is no other way to describe how the HackerTeen experience came to a close. Our graduating class from Rio de Janeiro had the opportunity to travel to and get to know the city of São Paulo. It was a full week. I attended lectures, participated in that wonderful Linux world event, I went to television programs, took tests and presented my work.
The graduation ceremony was a priceless moment where I had the opportunity and the honor to get to know important figures in the IT industry such as Sergio Amadeu and Jon "Maddog" Hall. I am very proud of having gone all the way through HackerTeen and of having done so well. I am happy that I have gotten to know new places, new people, and that I have learned new things. I only have good memories which make me miss it even more. My thanks go out to all those who helped to change my life”.
Leandro Martins Morani

“One thing that made an impression on me were the words spoken by Marcelo Marques, Rodolfo Gobbi, Jon "Maddog" Hall, Sergio Amadeu, Sergio Branco, Claudia Bozzo and Gaby!
It was dazzling, and exciting. Now I am a graduate, and I will only work against the crackers, and help to make the digital world safer and safer!”
Luiz Ricardo Freitas

“Two moments were especially important on graduation night. First was the speech given by Heric which described all the details of our education right up to that moment, ranging from the fun we had between tests to the days of study. Another moment that is etched in my memory is when the photos were taken. They were photos of a family that, after a long time together, broke up and said good-bye, even so, the affection still remains.
HackerTeen was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and a great gift. It made me more disciplined, responsible, and gave me a more serious perspective on the job market and of the importance of working together in a group. I think that the course left me with a better basis than was expected of me, being so young and all. I hope to reap the rewards of the course by lining up a good job and then, who knows, perhaps I'll open up my own company in the future.”
João Paulo G. Coelho

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