Is Entrepreneurship a Profession?

A businessman reveals the secrets of an entrepreneurial mindset to HackerTeen students.

Sergio HoltzOn the 22nd of September, Sergio Vierira Holtz, Jr., will participate in a talk with HackerTeen students. The topic is "Is Entrepreneurship a Profession?" The businessman will make a presentation about his work and speak about the business activities which he currently manages.

Besides this, Sergio will tell students how he became an entrepreneur. He will provide some tips on how to develop this special mindset while pointing out business opportunities. This talk will take place at 2:00 PM, in Room HT10 on NetClass, and all students are invited.

Sergio Vieira Holtz, Jr., is a businessman who works in the food industry, the steel industry, real estate, hotels and entertainment, legal advice, auditing and business counseling. He is mainly involved in organizing business teams in these areas and in developing new businesses and products.

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