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How to develop business opportunities, with professionalism, while having fun!

To create new business opportunities, develop a business and surprise the market is not easy. But it is possible and fun if you try. On the 18th of October, at 3:00 PM, Emerson Niide will be at HackerTeen to have an open talk with young people. He will explain how to build successful companies and products, from the conceptual stage to the practical execution, with examples from the lives of successful entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs of Apple. At the end of his talk there will be an exercise in creativity and entrepreneurship involving all of those participating.

Those interested in participating may register by calling 55-11-2125-4747 and speaking to Cibely or Diego.
The event will take place at the HackerTeen headquarters at Number 660, Rua Texeira da Silva, Paraíso, São Paulo. See map.

Emerson Niide is 21 years old and has been developing internet projects since he was 14, when he created the navigator Browser Orbit@. This navigator has been highlighted in the trade media, and today has around 300,000 downloads to its credit. He has worked at internet and technology companies, and currently develops digital communications projects such as, a tourism and business project, and writes on marketing for VNews.

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