HackerTeen is finalist in international award

Project was one of the 30 chosen for the "ICT for the Empowerment of Youth 2006"

HackerTeen, educational project that qualifies young people to work with computer security, was among the 30 finalists of the ICT for the Empowerment of Youth 2006, promoted by the Development Gateway Foundation, which evaluates and awards initiatives that improve youth conditions.

The award is directed to projects that qualify young people for the Information Technology labor market in developing countries. The award evaluates projects that use information and communication technology to improve, socially and economically, these young people's lives.

In order to participate, the HackerTeen needed to send recommendation letters from third parties that could guarantee the projects in an independent way. The letters were written by members from Harvard Business Scholl, from Linux International, from IBM and from Instituto IBI.

"I am very happy that the HackerTeen project has been chosen as one of the finalists of the award", said Jon 'maddog' Hall, president from Linux International.

The senior researcher from Harvard University, Kerry Herman, got to know the HackerTeen during a visit to Brazil, in 2005, to perform studies regarding the progress of open code software and how it can benefit developing countries stimulating entrepreneurship and digital inclusion. For the researcher, "the HackerTeen is an innovative action, a unique project in the world, which gathers all necessary content for an economically viable project with worldwide success".

Besides these statements, Douglas Teixeira, a HackerTeen student, young one assisted by the Casulo project in the Real Parque, at Morumbi neighborhood, in São Paulo, sent his statement, telling the history of how he went from a taxi inspector - gathering clients for taxi drivers - to work as a help desk support in a great call center company in São Paulo: "the project enabled me to see that things are not easy but they are not also difficult, we only have to make little efforts and believe that one day something will work", says the 22 year old young guy in one part of his letter.

A pre-selection in October eliminated 220 inscribed ones, among NGO projects and private initiatives from the entire world, positioning the HackerTeen among the 30 final candidates. The winner was announced in December, 2006, during the Telecom World 2006 Youth Forum, in the city of Hong Kong, in China.

The winner project, developed by the South-African NGO Mindset Network, received 100 thousand dollars to expand the actuation area of its project. The Development Gateway Foundation outlines in its website histories of all finalists, among them the HackerTeen. Get to know the 30 finalists at Development Gateway Foundation's website.

The ICT for the Empowerment of Youth is in its third edition. During previous years, the winning initiatives were from projects situated in India and Bangladesh. Get to know more about the award at their website.

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