Is Your Child Glued to the Computer?

Read the following tips on how to help protect your child from internet danger and learn about how you can channel his passion for computers into a promising career.

Do you feel that if you purchase a computer for your child and have him sit down in front of it, that you will be offering him a bright future?

No computer is going to substitute education, books, playing ball, the theater, movie theaters, etc. When you bought that computer and put it in your child's room, did you, in reality, end up putting your kid out on the street?
Nowadays, evil-minded adults learn to play computer games to get close to young people and children as if they were friends. These evil-minded people are considered the Big-Bad Wolves of the digital age. The only difference is that they aren't after Grandma, they are after the grandchildren.

Today's parents came from a generation that didn't have any computers, but the responsibility of having to deal with technology and children, children who just love computers, rests with the parents. How then, do you teach your children to deal with this situation?

Project HackerTeen was created to help in their education. The idea is, if young people love computers so much, why don’t they take that energy and channel it towards a promising career?
HackerTeen has two objectives: to help young people learn what they need for the job market or help them to start their own businesses.
We have free classes for young people from 14 to 19 years of age. Minors should come with their legal guardian. After the class, the young person will take a test and, if he or she receives a score of 5 or above, the parents may register their child in the project.
The HackerTeen course lasts two years and is divided into belts (white, yellow, blue, brown and black). Today, there are actually companies that recruit young HackerTeen graduates for employment. See some of our results.

Some tips for parents:

1. There is no software that will protect your child against sinister e-mails that may come to his or her attention. At this time, your best protection is an open dialogue between you and your child so that you can explain that the world out there can be very dangerous, and that he needs to develop a “lie detector for adults” very quickly.

2. If your child is around 7 years old and is asking for a computer, you can purchase one, but don't leave it in his or her bedroom. Place it in the living room. A computer is a window to the world. And you need to “keep your eye on” that window.

3. If you don't know much about computers, ask your child to give you a few classes. This will enhance the dialogue between you two and will help you to find out what he is up to. This is going to require a lot of patience from both of you, but there are simply no short cuts.

4. Explain to your child to never make friends on the internet. The internet is only a channel of communication for people who are familiar with the physical world, the real world. Internet friends can be very dangerous.

5. If there is a camera on your child’s computer, tell him to keep it turned towards the wall. Nowadays, there is software that can turn that camera on automatically and film your child without him knowing it. He could be filmed in his room, and that image could be transmitted over the internet without him realizing it.

6. A computer in the hands of a child can be the same as a car in the hands of a child. The only thing is that there is no such thing as a driver's license for the internet or a computer. A young person might know very well where the steering wheel is, the pedal, the gearshift... but he still might not know very well how to distinguish between good and bad in the digital age.

7. If your child likes computers, there are great opportunities for him in the job market. You just have to learn what the companies are looking for when the time comes for job hunting.

HackerTeen can be a great opportunity for your child; it is unique according to the most famous university in this world–the Harvard Business School. HackerTeen has already been on television more than 14 times, twice on CBN radio and many times in magazines, newspapers and sites in Brazil.Read some of the articles here.

If you would like to bring your child to a free class, check the times and schedules and sign up here.

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