Primer Written by Teens Sounds the Alert on Internet Dangers

Safernet Brazil and HackerTeens make the primer available for free

The primer "Virtual Dialogue" is designed to guide young people in the proper and safe use of the internet. Created by HackerTeen and the NGO SaferNet Brazil, it was launched on the 18th of May - the National Day for The Combat Against Abuse and Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents.

Available for free on the internet sites of HackerTeen and SaferNet Brazil, the primer was developed by HackerTeen students in collaboration with the NGO. According to Eliane Feliz, the director of HackerTeen's social responsibility department, "Workers, students, the parents of students, suppliers and educators were all involved in the effort to sound the alert against internet risks".

According to Thiago Taveres, the president of SaferNet, "It is necessary to engage diverse segments of the Brazilian population in a broad alliance in order to reverse the current situation where the internet is used for improper and illegal purposes".

Tavares highlighted the relevance of the agreement with HackerTeen because the primer is the first result of a partnership between an NGO and private initiative. "This publication is of fundamental importance because it passes the message on to those who also need to take an active role. The internet industry cannot turn its back to the fact that its activity also produces negative, external results", the president of SaferNet added.

HackerTeen students, supervised by teams from the two entities involved, chose topics related to technology (such as the internet, electronic messengers, e-mail, etc.) and expounded on them, emphasizing the positive and negative aspects, and giving tips on proper use for every point touched on.

For Sergio Amadeu, considered the godfather of the initiative, "The virtual universe strengthens many forces-good and evil-and the printing of this primer is one of the many activities to be promoted in the growing information society".

Created under the Creative Commons License, the primer can be freely used, printed, distributed and updated-not for profit-according to the terms of the license. To find out how to help, send an e-mail to HackerTeen or to SaferNet Brazil.

Other information:
The printing of this primer is the first practical result of the partnership signed between HackerTeen and SaferNet Brazil in 2006. It is an agreement for technical cooperation for the collaborative and voluntary development of projects related to the promotion and defense of human rights on the internet. Find out more about this partnership.

The NGO SaferNet Brazil is a national center for reporting human rights abuses and combating the dissemination of child pornography on the internet. Child pornography, pedophilia, racism, neofascism, religious intolerance, and the inhumane treatment of animals should be reported to this site:

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