HackerTeen Launches A Comic Book For Educating Young People on the Information Society

The publication speaks to young people about IT security in their own language

HackerTeen has launched a comic book for young people. Its objective is to educate them on the information society. The publication introduces Yago, the main character, who describes his adventures in the world of games, internet and technology.

Coletiva de Lançamento do GibiThe HackerTeen Comic Book, Episode III, The Internet Blackout, is 24 pages long. A total of 2,000 copies were printed and it will be initially distributed in São Paulo. The character was invented in collaboration with students of the HackerTeen project - a course which trains young people for the job market in the IT area.

The previous episodes - depicting how everything began and what it means to be a hacker - were exclusively created for the internet and are available on the HackerTeen site. Episode III can be found on the internet up to page 11, and the printed version can be had at HackerTeen headquarters. The comic book has a broad educational focus. The main objective is to teach young people how to deal with technology in a simple and safe way. In the third episode, the readers will have the opportunity to get to know a little bit more about each topic touched on in the dialogues through the links which appear on the comic book pages.

“In a educational way which is very involving, we want to show young people that man is the weakest link in information security”, stresses Marcelo Marques, the director of HackerTeen strategies. The creation of the comic book has been done under the guidance of the HackerTeen project, which does not only offer instruction on IT security, but places an equal emphasis on entrepreneurial and ethical performance, thus communicating the difference between hackers and crackers.

The comic book was launched at a press conference on the 24th of May at LinuxWorld Brazil 2006. LinuxWorld is the most important Linux event in the world and brings together journalists from important publications such as Globo News, UOL Digital, INFO Online, IDGNow, and DCI News. For the occasion, Rodolfo Gobbi, the president of 4Linux, Marcelo Marques, the director of strategy, some of the HackerTeen students, and Jon "Maddog" Hall, considered Linux's ambassador to the world and an advocate of HackerTeen will be on hand.

Episode III: The Internet Blackout

This comic book story, partially available on the internet, crelates the life of a 16 year old teenager who loves computer games and who spends all of his time in front of the computer. Quick witted and nimble, Yago stands out amongst his peers. However, even though he has an antivirus program and a firewall on his machine, the boy’s computer is invaded by a cracker. To help him, HackerIP arrives on the scene. He’s a 46 year old journalist who explains to him that his knowledge in computer games is not going to help him and that mere technological tools are not enough to keep him safe. At this point, the relationship between Yago, the HackerTeen students and HackerIP deals with digital crime, security breaks, mass invasion, attacks on servers and waves of cyber crime.

In episode III, in order to stop a worldwide internet blackout and to keep the planet from being dominated by an unknown enemy, the teens and HackerIP get involved, and experience some tremendous digital adventures.

HackerTeen Talk

To receive Episode III of the comic, The Internet Blackout, teenagers from 14 to 19 years of age must participate in HackerTeen talk - a free class on hacker ethics, which employs some hacker concepts that were presented in the film Matrix. Besides the class, the teens can participate in a test and those who receive a grade above 5 points will be able to register for project HackerTeen, with parental permission.

Those interested in participating in HackerTeen Talk should get in contact by phone at (11) 2125-4747 or through the site.

See the photo coverage of the LinuxWorld Brazil event on the Info Online site.

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