Being a hacker is a profession! Help your child find his or her own way.

You child spends hours in front of the computer and even forgets to eat when playing games? This is all part of the digital age. It is important to understand that it is possible to transform your child's interest in technology into something positive, fun and profitable.

No need for concern: an ethical hacker is neither a criminal nor a bad guy on the Internet. Being a hacker today means you have good job opportunities in technology companies.

The goal of HackerTeen is to teach young people technology in a new, fun way and show them that their love of computers can lead to a great career.

Spending many hours at the computer does not mean you are always learning something useful for the future. HackerTeen is based on an agreement with teenagers: surf and play less and learn more by reducing the time they spend at the computer. In Brazil, a teacher-psychologist was hired to monitor compliance to this agreement alongside parents. See an example of a classroom game.

Some parents believe that their children are safe inside their rooms surfing the Internet. This is a big mistake. The Internet is a window to the world, leading to good and bad things. You might not be aware, but your child is probably learning nonsense from the Internet that will not be useful in life or when a job opportunity arises.

The Internet has changed the way we, and businesses, relate to one another. Today, everything is information so the younger you master it, the brighter your future will be.

Learning how to work with servers (large computers in companies) is extremely useful and well paid. For this reason, HackerTeen has focused on Computer Security for servers. There are many jobs in the market and not enough young skilled professionals to fill them.

HackerTeen is a great opportunity for your child. The Harvard Business School considers the project's innovative methodology to be unique in the world.

The HackerTeen project has generated much interest and has been the subject of articles in many media outlets: television networks, radio, newspapers and magazines. Read some of the articles.

Note: The HackerTeen project aims to serve young people throughout the world. It is available in Portuguese (in Brazil) and the English and Spanish language versions are currently in the implementation phase.



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