Payment options for HackerTeen courses..

Students will pay 4 installments for each HackerTeen belt (lasting 4 months each). The installment amount varies according to the belt level. Registration fee is US$ 120.00.

  • White, Yellow and Green Belt
    Monthly payments of US$ 200 (4 installments per level)

  • Blue Belt
    Monthly payments of US$ 320 (4 installments per level)

  • Brown and Black Belt
    Monthly payments of US$ 390 (4 installments per level)

HackerTeen accepts many forms of payments. One of them will suit your needs. For more information, please contact us.

Note: The HackerTeen project aims to serve young people throughout the world. It is available in Portuguese (in Brazil) and the English and Spanish versions are currently in the implementation phase.



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