Comfort Zone

We call a "Comfort Zone" that professional situation when all gets kind of stuck: you have had the same job for a few years, and been doing exactly the same thing for a while. You get a paycheck that is not so good, but also not so bad. You are reasonably satisfied, so you do nothing to change. Is that a good thing?

No, and that can be very prejudicial to your career. Changes are happening frequently – to companies, to the market, to your life. So you must be always prepared to change, and with those changes, to grow professionally.

The same happens to companies. For example, there has been a change in the automobile market: consumers are more concerned about the environment and prefer less polluting cars. The car assemblers that where in a Comfort Zone – producing the same old cars – got stucked. On the other hand, companies that were already researching for more efficient hybrid cars, such as Toyota, started to sell much more.

  People who don't make an effort to learn more and look for different experiences, are taking the risk of becoming outdated in the business market – like the polluting cars that were outdated by the more efficient cars. How about you? Are you among those who outdate or the ones who are outdated?

Emerson Niide
Entrepreneurship Teacher




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