The HackerTeen mission is to turn out ethical young hackers.

Three social problems - which will grow quite a bit over the coming years - provided the motivation for establishing HackerTeen:

  1. Excessive time spent by young people playing computer games on the internet
  2. Young people committing digital crimes on the internet
  3. A lack of professionals who work with networks and computer security

Many young people spend too much time playing computer games and, despite the fact they do develop strategic and logical reasoning, we feel that it is not necessary to spend hours and hours playing computer games in order to achieve this.

In a report by the Brazilian newspaper Gazeta Mercantil, on November 9th, 2004, the director of the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (ABIN) at that time, Dr. Mauro M.L. Silva, highlighted that almost 80% of digital crimes involved adolescents, be they victims or aggressors.

In spite of the amount of time spent in front of the computer, young people end up learning things that are not useful for their future. In fact, they end up learning things that are detrimental to their future.

On the other hand, during the 70s, many companies which are now multinationals were started in the bedrooms and garages of young people who loved technology. HackerTeen wishes to resuscitate this spirit. The beginning of the information age has already begun and the more young people learn to use technology in a positive way, the brighter their future.

For this reason, HackerTeen teaches computer security (an area with good salaries), entrepreneurship and hacker ethics. There are plenty of job openings in the market. But there are not enough qualified young people to fill those positions.



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