The support your child needs

The HackerTeen Team's golden rule is to treat teenagers that seek us out with "a mother's love" The Team is truly concerned with their future and in providing the best guidance possible.

A HackerTeen student receives psychological-pedagogical monitoring for the entire course as well as during the first few weeks as an employee in a company.

Within HackerTeen, there is a department called EPP (Employment - Psychology - Pedagogy) which is solely dedicated to this objective. It is responsible for monitoring the students' learning process, attendance and motivation. EPP also assists in curriculum development and prepares the student for individual and group job interviews at companies.

The student is evaluated at the end of the green belt level, the second stage of the course, using the Quantum Method which maps the student's Behavioral Tendencies. This process helps students understand themselves better. It is based on four primary emotions and their variations in form, intensity, volume and expression:

  1. Action: the emotion one feels when facing challenges; a way of solving problems and leadership style
  2. Communication: the emotion related to style of interpersonal communication, reasoning and relationships
  3. Stability: the emotion related to pace/stability and the manner of carrying out processes
  4. References: the emotion related to style and positioning in regard to external references

The goal is to provide a profile of the students, their current context and interaction with their surroundings. The results also rate their flexibility, professional orientation, energy level and decision-making style.



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