Created by 4Linux, HackerTeen trains professional hackers who work for the good of society.

HackerTeen is a project created by 4Linux (, a company specialized in training and service based on open source software with a focus on computer security. 4Linux has already trained more than twelve thousand students in Linux throughout Brazil.

4Linux has developed some of the best known open source software projects in Brazil, including: the São Paulo Metro System, Brazilian Mint, Ceagesp Agricultural Warehouse, and the Center for the Dissemination of Technology and Culture (CDTC), a partnership between IBM and ITI. This partnership involved, among other activities, the largest Linux training program in Brazil - 785 education professionals from the Ministry of Education (MEC) were trained in Linux by 4Linux.

The company is tightly focused on IT security issues. The 4Linux security training has been compared to that provided by Foundstone Corporate of the USA and Matta Security Limited of Great Britain. The digital crimes sections of the police forces of a number of Brazilian states have also been trained by 4Linux professionals.



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