Transforming society is something we do together!

HackerTeen professional education has a segment dedicated to social responsibility. Digital exclusion and difficulty in getting that first job are two of the issues addressed through partnerships with public and private foundations and NGOs.

See some of the companies and institutions that have partnerships with HackerTeen:


SaferNetSaferNet is a brazilian national hotline for reporting child pornography and human rights violations on the internet. With it, HackerTeen has signed a technical cooperation agreement to combat human rights violations on the internet: child pornography, pedophilia, racism, neofascism, xenophobia, religious intolerance, homophobia, etc.

According to the agreement, the black belt HackerTeen students will assist SaferNet Brazil by building and perfecting techniques and tools used to follow-up on the reports. HackerTeen youths do not act on the front line of defense and do not have any contact with pornographic material.

The hotlines, such as SaferNet Brazil, are one of the most efficient tools for combating human rights violations on the internet because they centralize the receipt and processing in Brazil, thus permitting a joint and integrated effort against diverse national and international players.

With an eye towards guaranteeing total anonymity, an unheralded and automated system was developed to manage reports. This system, based on open source software, permits the internet user to monitor each step of the reporting process on the organization's site:


IBM was the first company to recognize the importance of an initiative the size of the HackerTeen Project to develop ethics and social responsibility among Brazilian teenagers. The company supported this innovative project through its Reinventing Education Initiative: it sponsored scholarships for 24 underprivileged youths so that they could benefit from this experience. These students formed the first two HackerTeen classes. One of them was in Santo André (Greater São Paulo), in cooperation with the Public Center for Education; and the other in Rio de Janeiro, in partnership with the CTA - Center for Applied Technology.

IBI Institute and Projeto Casulo

IBI Projeto CasuloIn partnership with the IBI Institute and Projeto Casulo, HackerTeen is promoting an educational course for 24 young people, from 17 to 25 years of age, from underprivileged families from the neighborhoods of Real Parque and Jardim Panorama in the Morumbi region of São Paulo. The course will be held at the Projecto Casulo headquarters, a program designed to promote community development in those neighborhoods. Sergio Amadeu participated in the inaugural class, held on the 1st of September. He is a sociologist and the first president of the National Institute of Information Technology (ITI) and the current professor of ethics at HackerTeen. Also in attendance was Jon "Maddog" Hall, the guru of open source software and the president of Linux International, which gives lectures on the importance of technology for human development and the evolution of computer and information technology.

Digital Inclusion

Inclusão digitalIn addition to the support of public and private entities, partnerships with municipal, state and federal governments are going to allow HackerTeen to take its courses to adolescents from underprivileged backgrounds. In order to achieve this, in each class of 24 students, one seat is reserved for a student recommended by partners such as municipal Telecenters or NGOs who work with education.



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