A word from our students.
Caio Cândido – Santo Andre/SP

Caio Cândido I was in my house one Saturday morning when I decided to read the newspaper. I saw that there were going to be openings for a free IT course in my city, Santo Andre. I thought to myself, "I am finishing high school, I need a job or something like that".

On Monday I went there to enroll. Afterwards, they called my house and had me come in to take some tests. After being interviewed by a lot of people, I thought, "My goodness, all this just for an IT course". On the fourth interview, I found out that it was project HackerTeen and that I had been one of the 24 chosen to be part of it, thanks to a donation made by the IBM Foundation.

When I had reached the green belt stage, HackerTeen offered two job openings to students and I was a candidate in the selection process. There were two group activities, an interview with the president of the company and a technical test (the most difficult part).

The job as a HackerTeen Support Analyst was one of the best things that ever happened to me because the IT area is growing fast and even though I am still a teenager, I am already in the area, providing support, taking care of the company's infrastructure, helping with training, learning so that I can take care of the servers in the future, doing consulting work for other companies, training other trainees and representing HackerTeen at events... I am also collaborating with SaferNet in order to help society combat digital crime.

I had never thought of working with IT, but I fell in love with it little by little, and I intend on doing this for the rest of my life! I made a deal with HackerTeen that I would go to college to continue my studies. It could have been any major, but I opted for Information Technology. I took the entrance exam for 2006 and passed.

HackerTeen has influenced me very much in the choice of my career because, before, I really didn't know what I would do to earn a living. By being a part of HackerTeen, I came to identify myself with this area which is growing day by day.

Every day I am learning more, I have become more responsible, more dedicated and I am full of plans for the future. HackerTeen has been good for my personal and professional life.



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