A word from our students.
Leandro Viégas Bueno – Santo André/SP

Leandro Viégas BuenoI studied in a public school in Santo André, and there I began to take courses in information technology. From that time onwards, I came to like IT. But I had to stop...

At the end of 2004, a teacher called my house and said that I should participate in a selection process. We found out that the IBM Foundation was offering 12 scholarships for young people who liked computers. I hadn't even had my driver's license for one year, but I went ahead and filled out the questionnaire. Then I went to an interview and waited for the answer.

Because I was very anxious, I would called every three days to find out if I had been chosen. By chance, I saw some people there so I asked, but they said I had not been chosen. At that moment, I felt very sad and crestfallen, but I was still hopeful. Then they called me from school.

At the beginning of the course I was shy and in awe of it all, I never imagined that I would have a class by way of chat. I thought that it was strange, but afterwards I got used to it. When I started I didn’t know anybody, but then I saw the effort and commitment that everyone in there was making. They all helped me very much and are still helping me today!

I had the opportunity to learn directly from the HackerTeen team because I was offered an opportunity as a trainee in systems analysis/support with CONIP. I received a lot of help from the professionals at HackerTeen, who believed in my potential and who made themselves available for any type of question. And I am absorbing it all right in. I just want to thank all of them for their patience and understanding.

Today, my advice to you is to grab any opportunity that comes your way and never let any of them slip away without a fight, because there will be many obstacles to be overcome one by one before, finally, you can give that final victory cheer!

First of all I would like to thank God, because He was with me in those moments of both sadness and happiness. He put the HackerTeen team on my path, which helped me take advantage of this great opportunity. I also want to thank all of those who have believed in me; those who are now seeing the final result of their investment: IBM, CPFP - the Valdemar Mattei Open Source Software Center, CONIP, my family, friends, etc.

And the story is not over yet. There will be more!



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