A word from our students.
Leandro Martins Morani – Rio de Janeiro

Leandro MoraniThey say that good things take time to happen but that great things happen all of a sudden. HackerTeen was that way for me. In 2004, I was a student at the CTA Center of Applied Studies, in Rio de Janeiro. That year, I became a trainee at the Center designing webs.

Then I was invited to be a HackerTeen student. All I knew was that it was a course in computer network security, and that I had always liked the area of security. That is when I got my traineeship at Furnas, an electric company. In the beginning I was going to go to the company development area but, because I was going to attend HackerTeen, I ended up on the network security team. HackerTeen hadn't even started, but my career was already taking off because of it.

Those were days of complete dedication to HackerTeen and my work as a trainee. The year 2005 really was a year of many changes. I matured professionally and broadened my horizons. HackerTeen helped me to see the world from other points of view. Now I have focus, objectives. HackerTeen gave me a direction to go in. I didn't know what to do with my life, but now I do.

I learned the huge importance of decision making, of having patience, perseverance, and of seeing things from a managerial point of view. I learned that everything is possible when one has faith, will power and when one believes in oneself. Today, I feel that I can learn anything, I feel I can achieve whatever I wish to.

Besides all of that professional maturity, I also grew in terms of family relationships and friendships. Now I make friends easier, I feel more sociable.

HackerTeen is not just a course in network security as I had thought in the beginning. It is much more. It is support, it is a direction which changed my life and the lives of others like me. The ball was passed to me, and now I know that I can kick it for a goal!

Thank you, HackerTeen.



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