A word from our students!
Weder Feliciano do Prado – São Paulo

Weder Feliciano do PradoI came to know of HackerTeen through a professor who had done a course at 4Linux, the company that created the project. I was very curious to know more about it, so as soon as I got home I ran to my computer and went to the site. One of the things that surprised me the most, besides the educational focus of the course, was the fact that it was based on Linux: this made me even more eager to find out more information.

I sent various e-mails to HackerTeen, and HackerTeen answered my questions. Then I scheduled a day for participating in student selection process. Before I got to HackerTeen, I had already worked as a trainee for one year; but because I was not able to balance work and study, I decided to quit and dedicate myself to this challenging course.

I found out that there was a company interested in recruiting a HackerTeen trainee, so I sent my résumé to the HackerTeen psychologist for her to pass on to the company. That same week they called me and scheduled an interview with human resources and the IT area manager, which is where I would be working. They evaluated all of the knowledge that I had acquired from HackerTeen. This weighed heavily at the time of hiring, and all of the other things that I had been taught weighed in my favor, too.

In the beginning I couldn't believe it. I was very happy that they wanted to hire me. I am learning so much and I feel that I am in the right place. The company motivates its workers and supported my decision to go to college.

HackerTeen had a fundamental role in all this. I was advised to dedicate myself and I had a team helping me with everything that I needed. I learned to have a broader vision of how the business world functions and, in the classes on entrepreneurship, I also learned how to work in a company. I learned how to be ethical in my everyday activities like a true hacker. I learned this in my hacker ethics classes.

I also learned that I should always strive to know more and go beyond the course content. All of this made me more mature and helped me to become a better professional.

Before I was employed at Eversystems, I had been unemployed for six months. Those were the worst six months of my life. I had received several “no” answers from job interviews and I realized that the problem was not a lack of jobs, but in the qualifications of the young people. For this reason, HackerTeen training is super important for getting into the job market and, of course, super important for each one of us in achieving our goals.



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